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A list of curriculum suppliers as well as a host of other contact details useful for moms teaching at home.


  1. ACADEMIX is a comprehensive bilingual educational software program to help the development of children from preschool to grade 12. This includes visual perception, memory, concentration, reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar, word sums and lots more. Children love the games and learn through play. Contact:
  2. A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) - a workbook based Christian curriculum up to matric level. “Reaching for life-excellence through individualised education”
    • 13 Glen Anil Street, Glen Anil, 4051, Durban North, South Africa
    • PO Box 22072, Glenashley, 4022, South Africa
    • Tel: +27 (0)31 573 6500, Fax: +27 (0)31 569 1862
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  3. ALMA MATER AKADEMIE (CIE Exam Centre) – Homeshcoolers can register with our centre to write their Cambridge International Examinations. (Including Laboratory/Practical exams).
  4. BEIT HASEFER (House of the book) - Contact us for the widest range of educational products (Educational Software / Edutainment / CD-Roms / DVD's / School Books / Reference Material / Remedial Teaching Aids and many more)
    We specialize in customizing the educational products you use so that each child’s personal need is attended to individually. Products are selected from the widest range available based on your children’s individual and personal learning styles and needs and your religious, cultural and personal preferences.
  5. BRAINLINE - a computer based school curriculum from Grades 0-12.
    BrainONLINE CAMPUS, the internet online version is equivalent to programs used in universities. Some aspects of the brainONLINE CAMPUS include the following: discussion groups, private journals, interactive drill exercises, tests, examination, uploading of assignment and receiving comments on them etc. Workshop, information days and practical days are also offered for a number of grades. Cambridge courses are also presented at Brainline.
    • Tel: 012 543 5000
    • Fax: 08 66 55 44 33
    • Send Email
  6. BRITISH INTERNATIONAL DISTANCE COLLEGE – Offers the following Cambridge courses, accepted by Universities in South Africa and abroad:
    • IGCSE (Foundation) - equivalent to Grades 8 & 9
    • IGCSE (O-levels) - equivalent to Grades 10 & 11
    • A Levels - equivalent to Grade 12 and Post-Matric (Full time)
    • Tel: 011 706-7199 or 012 343-5249
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  7. CL Education - CLE is an online distance college linking you to prestigious locally and internationally recognised AS/A-Levels and IGCSE/O-level qualifications through Cambridge Independent Examinations (CIE).
    High quality study programmes from grade 8 to 12 based on the CIE syllabus, together with online academic tutor support, that allows you the opportunity to obtain a CIE qualification from home. A Cambridge qualification provides you with the opportunity for entrance to both local and international Universities world wide.

    The courses are designed, not only, for full time home-based schooling, but also for the study of additional subjects in conjunction with full time schooling.

    • Tel: 011 0256510
    • Cell: 0833810958 or 0833088167
    • Email: bronwyn@cl-education.net or chrisforster@cl-education.net
    • Web site
  8. CLONARD - A secular textbook based South African curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 9, offering abundant support, helpline and examinations.
  9. COVENANT HOME CURRICULUM - a classical approach curriculum, complete K-12, Now with a new pre-k program designed for youngsters who can't wait to start.
  10. THE EARLY YEARS - Information & support for FIVE IN A ROW, a delightful, informal, literature-based unit study curriculum for (for ages 2-9). Stockists of Miquon Maths (a manipulative-based math curriculum), Letterland and Reading Reflex. Contact Adele on:
  11. EXELSIOR ACADEMIC COLLEGE - is a full time and online distance education centre.
    • Offering Foundation (grade 8/9), IGCSE (grade 9/10), AS (grade 11 /12) and postmatric A Levels.
    • Courses are designed for full-time or part-time distance / home-schooling for ANY age.
    • Excelsior Academic College is a CIE Examination Centre.
    • Assessments and tests are carried out during the course of the year for submission and report are issued.
    • Laboratory sessions for Biology, Physics and Chemistry are offered.
    • These qualifications offer the opportunity to study in South Africa and abroad.

    • Tel. 011 896 5403
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  12. FOOTPRINTS ON OUR LAND - South Africa's Heritage - for ages 7-12. Covering the period in our nation's history from the San into the 20th century, we take you and your children on a sightseeing trip around the country, stopping at major events in our land's colourful past to study them in depth.
    Footprints on Our Land is a flexible package built around the best of South African historical fiction and includes lessons in History, Social Studies, Science, Geography, Nature Study, as well as Hands-on activities and a Charlotte Mason-style Language programme.

    LITTLE FOOTPRINTS - South Africa in Stories - for ages 4-8. This is an Enrichment Guide, brimming with ideas to use to enrich the South African stories that you read aloud together. This informal approach to learning will help you lay a foundation for future learning and ignite a love of literature in your children's lives. We supply the guide and stories. Available from:
    • Wendy Young 021 712 6747 or Shirley Erwee 0845066474
    • Web Site
  13. GOGGABOS is a bilingual versatile, interactive multimedia program which enables pre-school learners to master essential skills in a playful and creative manner. Goggabos covers all the relevant concepts included in the curriculum like numeracy, mathematics, perceptual and auditory skills, attention and concentration. Available from Denza Steenkamp:
    • Tel: 0861 101 716
    • Fax: 086 5205 617
    • Postal Address: PO Box 74220, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
    • Send Email
  14. HANDS on HOMESCHOOLING - Full activity based curriculum for 2-5yr olds with an Ideas File available. Contact Jo Madgwick:
  15. HATFIELD CHRISTIAN ONLINE SCHOOL – currently offers courses for Grades 10 and 11 and will introduce Grade 12 in 2011. Courses are accredited by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). Our administration, academic and support staff are all devoted Christians. Through our courses, curriculum and interactions, we will endeavour to educate from a Christian perspective. For more information:
  16. IMPAK-Onderwysdiens – is a curriculum and service provider for homeschool or academic centre education in Afrikaans and English. We provide parents, facilitators and learners with the necessary products and services to complete Grade R to 12 at home or at an Impak academic centre. After completing Grade 12 successfully, Impak learners acquire a National Senior Certificate (or NSC).

    The Impak academic centre model offers individuals with a passion, or experience in education the opportunity to become an academic centre owner. An academic centre offers a safe environment where learners can get together and study under the guidance of qualified tutors.

    For more information, visit our website www.impak.co.za
  17. INTEC COLLEGE - offers a 3 year programme that consists of Grade 10, 11 and 12 leading up to a National Senior Certificate (NSC). Each Grade has to be completed and passed separately and the NSC will be awarded after successful completion of the National Senior Certificate Grade 12 examinations. The final examinations in Grade 12 will be administered by an external assessment body accredited by UMALUSI and the NSC is awarded by UMALUSI. For further info:
  18. KENWEB - an Afrikaans curriculum based on the state curriculum before Curriculum 2005, but adaptable. Textbooks, aim sheets, computer questions, exam papers, parent training and work method focus on nurturing children into self-driven individuals.
  19. LE-AMEN – Registered with the Department of Education and I.E.B., Le-Amen serves as a monitoring and support centre for homeschoolers from Grades 0 – 12, irrespective of programme or curriculum being followed. Suppliers of textbooks.
    • Tel: 011 958-0532/0366
    • Fax: 011 958-1945
  20. Love2Learn Curriculum: A South African born, Christian home-schooling curriculum, looking to Jesus as the centre, recognising home-schooling as a ministry of discipleship to our children, using beautiful, full-colour, living books, packed with exciting hands-on activities, including international as well as South African history and geography components, literature-rich, catering for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, including internet links and videos, employing the one-room schoolhouse approach so that you can teach different ages all at the same time, remaining true to the principles of Charlotte Mason, spanning Grades 00 right through high school to Cambridge IGCSE and ultimately AS- and A-Levels and providing a tutor and testing service for Cambridge levels, so that you are not on your own! Written for passionate home-schoolers by another passionate home-schooler who understands what you face daily. Contact Marc and Ivana Ries:
  21. MORIA TUISSKOOLMATERIAAL – verskaf onderrigmateriaal vir laer- en hoërskoolonderwys in Afrikaans. Moria Tuisskoolmateriaal is ontwikkel en word bedryf deur ’n span wat wissel tussen 20 en 30 verskillende vakspesialiste. Die stelsel is Bybelgefundeerd, van ’n hoë akademiese standard, eg Suid-Afrikaans en trou aan ons eie Afrikaner-kultuurmilieu.
  22. NUKLEUS VOLSKONDERWYS - Eksklusiewe Afrikaanse Bybel-gefundeerde leerplan vir tuisonderwys; Graad 0 tot 12.
  23. OIKOS Family Ministries - Suppliers of the following curricula:
    KONOS - all social study subjects in a unit study curriculum focusing on the development of Godly character and life skills.
    Math-U-See - Manipulative based mathematics programme with the teaching lessons presented on either DVD or Video - for grades 1 – 12.
    Learning Language Arts Through Literature - language for grades 1 – 12. Apologia Science - Science presented from a creationist viewpoint. For elementary grades through to college/university.
    Basic Bookkeeping - A general introduction into running a business and maintaining accounts.
    Picture This - Bible study programme.
    Excellence in Writing - A DVD workshop presentation to teach writing structure and style.
    Excellence in Spelling - A programme that includes both visual and auditory teaching methods.
    Parent Help Resources - and a variety of other books, videos and audio tapes, pertaining to home education.
  24. Singapore Math - a very popular choice amongst home educators. We are the local distributors of Singaporean Maths, Science, English and Pre-primary material.
    This material is used internationally for home schooling. Comprehensive teachers’ guides are available and will enable any parent to successfully plan lessons and assess progress.
    Contact Debra Symanowitz at Jade Educational Trading:
    • Tel: 011 784 9334
    • Cell: 082 600 0844
    • Fax: 088 011 784 9334
    • Send Email
  25. SOUTHERN AFRICAN VIRTUAL SCHOOL - American High School Diploma from Grade 6 – 12. The students study via the internet and can do so at their own time and pace, full time or part time. Academic support is via our own staff who keep track of each student via our Learner Management System (LMS). Proven internationally accredited curriculum and pathways to higher education in South Africa.
  26. STANFORD DISTANCE LEARNING - Three, six and twelve months courses ranging from Agriculture, Business and Commerce, Communication Studies, Manufacturing, Human, Law and Health Studies to Physical Planning and Construction.
    • Tel: 012 663-8698
    • Fax: 012 663 4787
    • Address: P.O. Box 10103, Centurion, 0046
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  27. T.C.E. (Theocentric Christian Education) - a Christian textbook-based curriculum from Kindergarten up to Matric. Structured for your help with continuous assessments. Exams twice a year from Grade Four up.

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  1. A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO AFRIKAANS: THE INSIDE STORY – A complete grammar course based on Aesop’s fables for Grades 5-9. Specially designed for Afrikaans second language, with English instructions. Click here for more info
    • Tel: Kathy 011 679-4241 or Sonja 011 672-0235
    • Send Email to Kathy or to Sonja
  2. AFRIPHONICS - A practical approach to reading and writing for South African children. A comprehensive, multi-sensory phonics programme that caters for children aged 3 - 8 years of all abilities and learning styles. Available in English and Afrikaans.
    • Contact: Susanne van Niekerk - 082 900 3192 or Kim Hounsome - 082 299 7650
    • Fax: 086 648 0676
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  3. Excellence in Spelling - A programme that includes both visual and auditory teaching methods. Consists of parent DVD, student lesson cards, 4 audio CD’s for student lessons and encouragement Zoo cards.
  4. Excellence in Writing - A DVD workshop presentation to teach writing structure and style; a course designed to help students apply what they have learnt in language lessons to their writing.
  5. GoFocus - Spelling@home exercise - Teaching your child spelling can be a fun experience! Master any word in only a few minutes with our unconventional technique – no more drilling or repetition. Spelling has never been so easy! Spelling lists included for Grades 1-5, Afrikaans and English.
  6. JAPTRAP LEESMETODE - Het jou kind lees- of spelprobleme? Wil jy jou kind leer lees in Afrikaans of Engels, maar jy weet nie hoe of waar om te begin nie?
    Dan is hierdie vir jou – KRY DIE LEESMETODE WAT WERK!
    Also available in English
    • 60 jaar+ ondervinding;
    • Geskik vanaf 4 jaar+;
    • Ontwikkel ‘n baie vinnige leesspoed;
    • Leer lees binne ‘n kort tydperk;
    • Bevorder konsentrasie en woordeskat;
    • Duisende kinders is al geleer en gehelp op ons metodes.
  7. KLEIN PELGRIM LEES EN SKRYF PROGRAM – is ’n Afrikaanse foneties (klank) gebaseerde lees en skryf program met Christelike waardes. Hierdie program bestaande uit ongeveer 380 bladsye is tans op laserskyf (CD) beskikbaar. Prys: R125-00 (posgeld uitgesluit)
    • Kontakpersoon: Annemarie Marais
    • Tel: 072-2463503 of 012-6610694
    • Send Email
  8. LATIN - courses are available through Academia Latina, University of Pretoria. These include basic language structures and vocabulary, enrichment of English/Afrikaans vocabulary based on Latin roots, an introduction to classical mythology, Roman history and the classical way of life.
    • Tel: 012 420-2368/2072/3658
    • Fax: 012 420-4008
    • Send Email
  9. Learning Lanaguage Arts through Literature - a complete English programme from Grade 1 through to high school; includes grammar, literature, poetry, writing and more. Contact Oikos Family Ministries
  10. LETTERLAND – a phonics programme for preschool and junior primary.
  11. PAPERIGHT is a network of independent copy shops that print books out for customers quickly, cheaply and legally. Paperight has over 200 outlets throughout South Africa, offering over 1800 fiction and non-fiction titles from over 100 publishers. Titles include past matric exam papers (2008-2012) for every subject, grade 8-12 study guides and study notes, foundation phase reading titles, teaching aids, foreign language study books and so much more. To find your nearest Paperight registered business, go to http://help.paperight.com/outlets/
  12. READERS ARE LEADERS - is a South African developed reading and language program on CD in English and Afrikaans with 15 levels. It caters for grades 1 - 12 and has three after school levels. For more information, please contact Andries & Lorraine de Jager:
    • Tel: 072 469-7112
    • Send Email
    • Address: PO Box 4680, Brits, 0250
  13. RUTH PRESSLER - is an Educational Consultant who gives educational talks, offers workshops on topics such as "Phonics", "Literacy Lives", "The Dynamics of Discipline" and "Developing Early Literacy". She has also developed a series of phonics workbooks. For more information, Ruth can be contacted on:
  14. PHONIX IN A BOX - Bright, colourful phonic cards to stimulate reading and phonic skills. Each box contains 60 cards with instructions to play 5 simple card games. Phonix in a Box has 5 boxes in the set and will cover all the phonic vowel sounds taught between Grade 1 and 4. Go to the website to view a video demonstration and see samples of the cards.
  15. POWER READ - Power Education's Attention Builder improves focus and attention. It allows true potential, for all ages starting around 7 yrs old, or once a child can recognise the alphabet. Power Read (formally known as World Read, same program) is a reading lab in your home. Its main function is to strengthen the eyes to read faster with understanding, when used in conjunction with Attention Builder. Used in synergy these programs enhance life skills.
  16. NEW ERA LANGUAGES – We specialize in 17 International, (which includes Afrikaans) and 6 African self study Language Courses. These are available on CD-Rom, Audio CD and Books or Cassettes and Books. The mother-tongue methodology (seeing, hearing and repeating) is proven and enables learners to speak, read and write in as little as 6 months.
    • Tel: (011) 802 8610 or toll free: 0800 205 033
    • Fax: (011) 804 4355
    • Address: P.O. Box 459, Wendywood, 2144
    • Send Email
  17. THE COMMUNICATION CHANNEL – Bilingual classes in Public Speaking and Speech and Drama skills for all ages. Workshops for companies in all aspects of business communication. SETA accredited.
    • Ria Vorster:
    • Tel: 083 459 4189
    • Address: EduHouse, Fairview Business Park,
      Cnr. 1st Street, Knysna Road, George. 1529

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  1. Apologia Science Resources - an excellent curriculum presented from a creation point of view; from junior to university/college level. Contact Oikos Family Ministries
  2. The Ask Archie Mathematics is a fun, interactive PC based Maths program encompassing the core Maths syllabus from Grade 8 to 12. This popular High School Maths learning product includes access to tutorials & past exam papers (with memo's!) as well as over 300 unique mathematics slides per grade. You can get immediate access via the "buy" page on the Ask Arch website. For today's technically advanced teenager, Ask Archie is a refreshing, modern solution to better Maths results!
  3. Building Blocks For Life – Construction sets with a difference: These construction sets can be used from pre-school to primary and secondary school, right through to university and the industry! Have you ever asked yourself: How do pneumatics work? Or, what is a differential gear, planatary gear, universal joint and a compressor? How does an electrical circuit and solar cell work? What is a phototransitor? How will I start with robotics?
    The fischertechnik basic building block can be built onto on all six sides. This many-sided building block forms the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets. Activity books and website support enable your learning to progress as far you would like it to.
    Ideal for homeschoolers and tech clubs. The construction sets are put together according to the age and capability of the child/student. While building the different models, the child/student explores technology and its application in the real world.
    • bigSMALL Trading, PO Box 43, Arcon Park, 1937
    • Telefax: 016 428 5594
    • Send Email
  4. CAMI – Bilingual educational software covering the full curriculum for Maths, English and Afrikaans (Grammar) from Grade 0 to Grade 12. We also have the Perceptual Skills program for ages 4 to 11 years old. Our offices are based in Johannesburg and we offer free assessments on your children in the comfort of your home. To arrange an appointment call:
  5. CREATION – A non-denominational, Christ-centred science magazine. For subscription information and a list of book titles related to creation science, contact:
    • Answers in Genesis,
      P.O. Box 3349, Durbanville, 7551
    • Tel/Fax: 021 979-0107
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  6. EDUTRADE - Suppliers of Science and Biology kits for primary and high school learners. Physics, Chemistry and Biology apparatus, charts and models, chemicals, microscopes, Geography, Maths and Technology equipment also available. For information:
  7. EXPERILAB - sells science related products, labware and chemicals to home schoolers countyrywide via our online webshop. We also offer practical science classes at our shop in Pretoria: Atterbury Boulevard Centre, c/o Atterbury & Manitoba Rds, Faerie Glen, Pretoria. For more information contact Francois Germishuizen.
    • Tel: 012 361-1134
    • Fax: 086 589-3638
    • Fax: 083 234 3776
    • Web site
  8. Math-U-See - A maths curriculum specially designed for homeschoolers; from pre-school through to high school; includes teaching DVD's and manipulatives. Contact Oikos Family Ministries
  9. IGCSE BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY - complete video courses for immediate download, produced by a science teacher with over 30 years experience in the classroom. Online support provided if required. Graham Bray, Heathfield, UK
  10. MICROSCIENCE KITS - available from Somerset Educational (Pty.) Ltd., contain all the equipment, chemicals and printed matter you need to be able to do science experiments, for junior and high school levels, at home. Each kit comes with the corresponding parent and student manuals. We continue to supply Natural Science kits to Home School Learners from grade 4 to 12, as well as newly updated Foundation Phase kits for Grades R – 3. For price lists and more information please contact:
    • Contact Person: Rozelle Sylvester
    • Tel: 042 2432030 or toll-free: 0800 424470
    • Fax: 042 2432746
    • Address:Somerset Educational,
      P O Box 281, Somerset East, 5850
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  11. MOUSE IN THE HOUSE - Give children / students a jump start. Whether as an involved, concerned parent or teacher in the education system the Mouse in the House series is a valuable DVD package to orientate young children to Science, Maths and Technology. Mouse in the House introduces children to science and maths by exploring fundamental principles such as gravity, pressure, kinetics, magnetism etc, by conducting science experiments in an integrated and entertaining way. A combination of 3D animation and live footage are used and most of the experiments can be conducted with common items found in any household. This is a South African production and we have 2 seasons of 26 episodes of about 4 minutes each. The series is packaged onto 2 DVDs. The promo can be viewed here.
  12. STUDENT LAB – distributors of the "Complete Small Scale Chemistry Set" developed by Potchefstroom University. Kits for Grades 7-9, Natural Science, Chemistry Grades 10 -12, Biology and Physics Grade 10 -12 are available. This includes all worksheets, experiments and apparatus for the new syllabus. Contact Steven Tayfield:
  13. YouCanDoMaths - internet based extra maths lessons for grades 10, 11 and 12 in both English and Afrikaans. The program covers the latest SA school curriculum (including IEB) through video lessons, notes and tests with worked out answers. YouCanDoMaths is used with great success by many home schoolers. For more information go to our website and read “About the Program”, “Parents” and FAQ.
    There are two ways to sign up: 1) The parent signs up through the website. This gives the learner immediate access to the lessons and the parent access to the learner’s progress report. 2) Alternatively, you can buy a voucher directly from YouCanDoMaths which gives only the learner access to the lessons.
    Please note: Learners get access to all three grades, which allows them to go back to previous grades if necessary.

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  1. ABC Fun & 1-2-3 - a gentle fun introduction to letters for preschoolers age 3-6.  Distributor of Babies' Bible Class for ages 0-6. Contact Shirley Erwee:
  2. THE ANSWER SERIES - produces the best quality study guides in SA for Grades 10, 11 and 12. Available in Maths, Maths Literacy, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting, Geography, History, Business Studies, Economics, English (Home and 1st Additional) and Afrikaans 1st Additional, our study guides support educators, and help learners across the country achieve their full potential in the final exams.
  3. Ant books: - Our Ant Books Workbooks have been designed for teachers by teachers and are ideal for both class and home use. These photocopiable workbooks are useful for ages 6 - 14. They can be used as a complete curriculum or as supplements. Workbooks available for English, maths, Afrikaans, spelling and beginner reading. Readers available in English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa. Contact Susan (Jhb agent):
    • Cell: 082-583-3388
    • Email
    • For agents in other areas:
    • Tel: +27 (0) 33 342 7497
    • Fax: +27 (0) 866 075 931
    • Email
    • Web Site
  4. AUGUSTINE BOOKROOM – offers good Christian reading material for both children and adults.
    • Tel/fax: 012 993 4606
    • Send Email
    • Address: 645 Rudolf Street, Constantia Park
  5. BASICALLY BOOKS – Suppliers of local and imported academic books. Reproducible Material Specialists. Supplementary workbooks for all levels and most subjects including French (no History).
  6. BushyTale is a fun-packed eco-club which children can subscribe to for a 3, 6 or 12 month period and learn more about animals, plants and conservation. BushyTale is nature based education that enhances communication, improves vocabulary, stimulates imagination and expands horizons. Subscriptions also available in Afrikaans. Contact Karen:
  7. CLEVER - suppliers of supplementary worksheets for English, Afrikaans and Maths up to Matric level, based on the G.D.E. curriculum.
    • Tel: 012 342-3263
    • Fax: 012 430-2376
    • Address: PO Box 13816, Hatfield, 0028
  8. CHRISTIAN LIBERTY BOOKS - Stockists of Christian Liberty Press Curriculum,       Bob Jones University Press Home Schooling Materials and Christian literature.
    • Tel/Fax 021-6897478
    • Address: P.O. Box 358, Howard Place, 7450
    • Send Email
  9. DISKONTO BOOKS – a wide variety of reference books and novels for all ages at very reasonable prices.
    • Tel: 011 760-3086
    • Send Email
    • Address: 17 Maré Street, Roodepoort
  10. Educational Software @ Zentium: - We distribute an extensive range of educational software based on the SA curriculum. The programmes in our range are an excellent resource for all home schoolers and can be used to supplement your existing resources. Our products include software for Reading, Spelling, Maths, Accounting, School Readiness, Perceptual Skills, Phonics, Multiplication, various encyclopaedias, exam papers etc.
  11. EDUFUN – Supplementary worksheets and ideas for English, Afrikaans and Maths; comprehensive pre-school programme; flannel-board pictures.
  12. EZ LEARN BOOKS CC – for text books and study guides including learning ideas, fun activities, tests, case studies, etc. Extra lessons also available.
  13. FLASH AND LEARN - is a proud South African supplier of high quality Educational Aids in the form of Wall Charts and Flash Cards, and offers a quality product and service. The Flash and Learn Educational Aid range is extensive. The products are laminated, colourful, user friendly and curriculum focused. All the products are beautifully illustrated and look great in any classroom and home. The range covers the following categories: Alphabet, Language, Maths, Measurement, Time, Days Months and Seasons, Positions and Opposites, General, Themes, Our Country and World, Natural Science and Motivational. The products are available in English, Afrikaans and some also in other African languages. For more information and a free catalogue contact Estelle:
  14. GOOD NEIGHBOURS Book Ministry – “How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver.” Proverbs 16:16. Good Neighbours is dedicated to providing bibles, sound Christian literature (including children’s books) and academic material to the end that the true God may be known, worshipped and served. Operated as a discount Book Club, membership is open to everyone concerned with improving their knowledge of God and the gospel.
  15. GUIDELINES STUDY AIDS – are high school revision books. There are subject guides, literature guides and books of past exam papers. Guidelines are now part of the MacMillan group. Their new contact details are as follows:
    • Tel: 011 731 3388
    • Fax: 011 731 3550
    • Address: P.O. Box 1406, Bramley, 2018
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  16. JAPIE STANDER EDUCATION – Workbooks in various subjects for Grades R-12 in both English and Afrikaans at very reasonable prices.
  17. KidsCD - CD's on 6 levels include a variety of carefully selected school topics as interactive exploration in English or Afrikaans. Excellent value for money at only R70 each. Contact Estelle:
    • Cell: 082 371-9286
    • Fax: 086 680-8226
    • Address: P O Box 66079, Woodhill, Pretoria, 0076
    • Skype: kidscd
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  18. THE LEARNING CHANNEL - Matric Maths, Science, English, Geography, Business Economics and Biology videos with printed back-up material are available from The Learning Channel. Grade 8 material also now available in certain subjects.
  19. THE LISTENER’S LIBRARY – Books on tape – ideal for long journeys; an excellent way to bring good books to slow readers or those who are unable to read.
  20. PLAY & SCHOOLROOM – variety of workbooks, educational games and toys.
  21. PSD PROMOTIONS (Pty) Ltd - We have a RANGE of educational books, activity pads, flash cards and games for effective teaching in the safe environment of your home. Representing the best know names - Carson-Dellosa, School Zone, LDA, Gryphon House, SRA, to name a few, at good prices with excellent service.
    • Contact Nicole Hadaway:
    • Tel: 011 392 6065 or 082 410 3693
    • Send Email
  22. THE ROCK SERIES / DIE ROTS REEKS - a comprehensive bilingual educational software programme to help the development of children from preschool to Grade 12. It includes all areas of math, reading, concentration and memory utilizing Sudoku, crossword help, e-dictionary, and lots more! Our programme has a firm Christian foundation and comes with workbooks designed to assist students to reach new personal heights. There's a friendly teacher whose lectures are practical presentation with self tests at the end of each lecture. We guarantee results and personal growth. With a click of the mouse, the teacher's in your house.
  23. TIME OUT TOYS offers online buying of high quality, imported educational toys that are designed to last. Range includes wooden toys and games, activity idea cards (voted # 1 at USA homeschool.com!), puppet show books, hand and finger puppets, puppet theatres, fabric and soft toys, the all new "scrunch bucket" and the one and only Wheely Bug ride-on toy. To view our complete product range please visit our website. For further information, contact Anne McDiarmid on:
  24. WebLessons™– An online, state of the art eLearning management system with excellent lessons. The system also includes instructions, study questions, vocabulary, quizzes, and inquiry-based projects as well as tools for planning a complete web curriculum, assigning topics, and tracking your child’s progress. Subjects:
    • Cost: R59.99 per subject — Includes a 12 month subscription to Learners Online. Download a FREE sample.
    • Maths
    • English
    • Economic and Management Science
    • South African History
    • Life Science
    • Earth Science
    • Physical Science
  25. WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPAEDIA - Revised copyright edition published every year. Also full range of products available for pre-school, primary and high school use. Many of the sets are activity-based and curriculum-related.
    • AGENT: Diana Wells:
    • Tel: (011) 615-3146 or 082 850 3146
    • Send Email

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  1. AURORA PRODUCTS - Everything you need to bring up your children in the ways of the Lord: Bible books, Steps program ( Fantastic and one of a kind Character and Faith building course for children), videos (Treasure Attic) and Bible/scripture song tapes, Christian readers and more, available from Meg or Rachel in Midrand.
  2. The Picture-Smart Bible an innovative approach to “seeing” Scripture as a total entity. This Genesis-to-Revelation course is designed to help participants learn, remember and teach the themes and concepts in each book of the Bible...and have fun in the process! The “see, hear, do” methodology which TPSB incorporates, has long been recognized as an effective way to increase comprehension and retention in both children and adults. TPSB illustrations consist of simple symbols with a basic Bible narrative resulting in a wide age-range application and multi-culture acceptance. The Picture-Smart Bible is both an evangelistic tool and a discipling manual.
  3. SANSSA EDUCATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS - suppliers of Bible teaching curriculum for all ages from birth to adults which include visual resources, Teacher's books and Student books. We have teacher training material, CD's and cassettes, bibles, family and home study books and music books for all ages. We are agents for: Scripture Press, Cook Ministries, Gospel Light, Betty Lukens, McBeth, ETTA and Fun Express.

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  1. Active Education – A specialist sports program encompassing students between the ages of three and eighteen. This program introduces students to the wonders of confident sports participation. Active Education consists of three distinct divisions, which focus on a specific age group: Kids in Action, Active Education Primary and Active Education High. Through our joint venture with Action sports, we have 27 venues available across the country.
  2. Extra-Classes.co.za aim to help home scholars or students from any school with patience and compassion in different subjects to grow to their maximum potential! We give training and extra classes from your own home in Pretoria, Centurion or Midrand in English or Afrikaans. We gladly accept and help scholars (grade 1 - 12) and Unisa or any University students (1st and 2nd year). We would be glad to help in Mathematics, Accounting, Afrikaans, Computer Science, Drama, German or any school subjects. We also give classes in other fields like music e.g. guitar, piano or drums.Contact:
  3. KID’S KITS - crafts in a packet. Each kit consists of all the child needs to complete a craft project.
  4. JUNGA - The Junior Nature Guides Academy provides a unique avenue of exploration into the field of Nature Guiding for young enthusiasts. If your children are between the ages of 8-12 or 13-18 and they have a love for nature, why not join Junga?
    • Tel: 082 569 0375
    • Send Email
    • Address: Junga, P.O. Box 5891, CRESTA, 2118
  5. JUNIOR ENGINEERS FOR AFRICA - use Technical Lego creatively in their engineering, technology & robotics courses. These accredited courses are for school aged learners and are an acceptable substitute for Design & Technology up to about Grade 10. (Junior Engineers were formerly known as The Lab Ratz - All Africa National Champions 2006). For further information contact Brenda Windram:
  6. PLAYBALL - is a programme that offers "varied, formalised, age specific sport and movement development to children between 3-9 years of age. Maximum 8 pupils per class. Using sport as the means we provide children with a sound base from whih to develop every aspect of their lives. Contact:
  7. ‘More than 101 THINGS TO DO WITH CHILDREN IN 702 LAND’ - by Carole and Ross Veitch. This is an excellent resource, published this year. It has many ideas for outings suitable for children, giving all the relevant information including addresses and telephone numbers. It includes all museums and places of interest in and around Jo’burg and Pretoria. When planning an educational trip, remember to phone in advance and ask what discounts you may enjoy because you are a ‘school’. Some institutions only offer group discounts, so it then pays to organise other families to go with you on your outing.
  8. To protect your books, invest in “Plasticover”, as most libraries do. Available in various widths and lengths from Coverseal in Sharonlea, Randburg.
  9. Robyn’s Homeschool is a South African homeschooling website filled with parenting and homeschooling articles & information, themes, recipes, links, worksheets, free resources & much more...
  10. Swimrite - A nationwide swimming programme for children, introducing and teaching skills needed for confident and competent participation in all water activities. We only teach for in a class and is skill specific. Teaching take place in a indoors heated pool and we teach from beginners to stroke correction. Contact:

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  1. CURAMUS, The Association for Home Schooling – a representative organisation open to all homeschoolers. The AHS endeavours to obtain the recognition of society and the protection of the law of the right of parents to educate and school their children within the family by representing its members at the government and the media, when this is required. An executive committee is elected each year during an annual general meeting. Membership is free. To join:
  2. DYNAMIS New Generation Network – Come away for a weekend and get guidance on what curricula will work best for your family. The one place where you can view many different curricula under one roof. Home education information seminars, practical special needs help, 21st century and career directed education, equipping and transforming parents to believe in themselves.
    • Contact Martie du Plessis:
    • Tel: 082 574 1433
    • Address: P.O. Box 357, Clarens, 9707
    • Send Email
    • Web Site
  3. THE CAPE HOME EDUCATORS – An annual membership fee of only R120 entitles you entrance to the 5 annual events (Summer Fair, Winter Workshop, Curriculum & Educational Expo, Homeschool Eisteddfod,  Prize-giving), 4 issues of The Learning Home magazine, 4 issues of our newsletter and access to our email loop to keep you updated.
       One of the objects of Cape Home Educators is to facilitate support groups and networking so that home educators are able to support each other and contribute to the growth of Home Education.
    • Tel: 088 127-4484
    • Address: P.O. Box 1259, Stellenbosch, 7599
    • Send Email
  4. The Heart of Home Education DVD - this 4 hour, 2 disc set consists of 20 interviews with English and Afrikaans speaking home educators. It gives insight into home education through the experience of those walking the path. Many frequently asked questions about home education are answered. To obtain a copy contact Pietie Strobos:
  5. The Learning Home - an encouraging magazine written for homeschoolers by homeschoolers. Every issue, compiled and edited by the Marais family, features a different topic relevant to families learning at home. The magazine costs R60 for four issues. For further information or to subscribe, contact Dawn Marais:
    • Tel: 076 312-3933
    • Address: The Learning Home, P. O. Box 55, Bergvliet, 7864
    • Send Email
  6. The EASTERN CAPE HOME SCHOOLING ASSOCIATION - endeavours to obtain the recognition of society and the protection of the law for the obligation and concomitant right of parents to educate and school their children in every respect.
  7. Individual, personalised help and encouragement to suit your needs.
    • Clara Waagmeester:
    • Tel: 011 802-4570
  8. THE PESTALOZZI TRUST operates the South African Legal Defence Fund for Home Education, founded in 1998. In the Pestalozzi Trust South African homeschoolers join hands to help protect their rights and those of their children (and grandchildren) to educate their children according to their own convictions.
    The Trust takes care of the legal matters so that parents are free to educate their children with peace of mind. The Trust also operates the Centre for Home Education and free telephone consultations are available on home schooling matters. The Trust also offers regular information days.
    Members receive an emergency number to call, an informative newsletter, as well as reduced fees at all Pestalozzi Trust information days, seminars and workshops. The Trust has a library of home schooling books open for use by its members. Fees: R720 per annum per family, or R60 per month. Special fees for members of support groups registered with the Trust.
    • Tel: 012 330-1337
    • Fax: 011 507 5997
    • Send Email
    • Address: PO Box 12332, Queenswood, Pretoria, 0121

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  1. To register your children with the Gauteng Department of Education, write to PO Box 7710, Johannesburg, 2000 for an application form, or enquire from:
    • Ms Mmule Madonsela
    • Tel: (011) 355-0871
    • Fax: (011) 355-0640
    • Send Email
    • Milka Ramatswana
    • Tel: 355 0646
    • Fax: 355 0640
    • Send Email

(Compiled by Kathy le Cordeur. Revised & Updated December 2014)

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