A Different Approach to Afrikaans: The Inside Story

A Different Approach to Afrikaans: The Inside Story (ADATA) was designed to assist those teaching Afrikaans as a second language as an enrichment programme to help establish a weekly routine of oral and written exercises to present Afrikaans in an easy and relaxed manner.

The teaching method used in ADATA focuses on learning a language by analysis and imitation of good literature using fables as literature models for their brevity and completeness.

A Different Approach to Afrikaans: The Inside Story is a manual for the teacher and not a student workbook. It is suitable for students in Grades 5-9 and requires that students have some basic Afrikaans skills.

It can be used in group settings and covers all basic grammar aspects of Afrikaans. The book comes complete with answers, translations, teacher talks, tests and fables is accompanied by a reference book containing rules, useful lists and exercise with answers.

The programme consists of 12 lessons, writing projects, tests and additional tasks. Each lesson is based on one fable. Your children learn the meaning of the passage on the first day, becoming more familiar with the vocabulary on the second day, and are thus able to use those new words in their own writing on the third day. A sense of security is conveyed in the repetitive nature of this approach in that we establish a routine so that the students know what to expect. At the same time there is always something new: every lesson brings a new story and new skills to master. As your children do written work by imitating and working with the fables, they will find that their own creativity is to be found inside the story; hence the subtitle The Inside Story.

A lesson consists of four sections: section 1 is reading and understanding of the fable, section 2 is grammar and analysis of the fable, section 3 is imitation of the passage (copying/dictation and written work), and section 4 is extension work and review related to the passage. There is no recommended overall time frame for this programme as we encourage you to select from it those exercises that are suitable for each child.

This programme conveys a method of teaching Afrikaans that will enable you to continue on your own. By selecting your own samples of Afrikaans literature, such as Bible passages, fairy tales, newspaper or magazine articles, any prose or poetry, you can expand on the grammar principles presented in the programme and extend your children’s abilities. Thus ADATA may form the foundation of future Afrikaans progress.

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