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Introduction to Home Ed

The aim of writing these articles is to encourage my fellow home educators, especially those who are just starting out. As I share our trials and triumphs please don’t be intimidated when I rattle off the things we have done and the places we have visited – it has taken 12 years with four children to accumulate these experiences!

In fact let me state at the outset that I am no supermom and you need not be either. I am an average wife and mother with average (but very special!) husband and children, living in an average home. I have average housekeeping skills and below-average cooking skills. I have average organizational skills, but I am an above-average procrastinator, so there is an average ironing pile and an average amount of dust in my home at any given time. I started out with an average insight into parenting and teaching, but I now have above-average hindsight!

So what do you need to successfully teach your children at home? - A conviction that home education is the right choice for your family, commitment to the task and a teachable spirit. Experience is a great teacher. An average measure of intuition and common sense at the outset helps, but the trial and error of everyday life will give you the insight and knowledge that you need to carry on. You will soon find out what works and what doesn’t. Of course, it helps to take some short-cuts: reading and learning from the experience of others may help you to make some right choices and avoid some bad ones. I trust that this column may offer you some of those short-cuts to insight and knowledge.

Everybody feels a little nervous and scared at first. This is perfectly natural as you embarking on an endeavour that is completely outside your current frame of reference. Your desire to do what is best for your children is a huge motivating factor and will carry you far as you seek to implement all that is beneficial to their education. It is also encouraging to know that there are quite a few of us whose children, taught at home, are now successfully earning a living.

My teaching at home has been possible and positive because there is nothing average about my God! It is he who supplies me with all the necessary grace and strength for the task. I give him all the glory as it is his abundant love and mercy that keeps us going. Our achievements and accomplishments are all of him, who continues to supply more than we can ask or imagine. May these blessings of his grace be yours too as you seek to serve him in your home.

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